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Robert W. Woodruff Library, Martin Luther King Jr. Collection
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The Archives Research Center department houses over 7,000 linear feet of manuscript collections and organizational records, and over 35,000 books, pamphlets and other printed materials. The core of the collection is built from the Atlanta University Trevor Arnett Library Negro Collection that was established in 1925, a collection that is well-known and extensively used and cited by scholars. The Negro Collection, along with special collections materials from the other AUC schools, was transferred to the Woodruff Library when the schools combined their libraries in 1982.

Now in its 82nd year, the archives and special collections continue to evolve and develop under the auspices of the Woodruff Library. The collections document the life and culture of African Americans, particularly in the southeastern United States, with an emphasis in the areas of education, literature, politics, government, social work, civil rights and race relations.

Among the holdings are the papers of abolitionists Thomas Clarkson and John Brown; the Countee Cullen/Harold Jackman Memorial Collection and Hoyt Fuller Papers that focus on black contributions to literature and the arts; and records of educational organizations such as the Freedmen’s Aid Society, the Southern Education Foundation, the College Language Association, and the United Negro College Fund. Recent acquisitions include the papers of former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson; educators and scholars C. Eric Lincoln and Walter Rodney; jazz flutist Wayman Carver; and the personal library of Africanist, educator and author, John Henrik Clarke. Learn more about Woodruff Library collections available for research at: Archives Research Center.

In 2007, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation awarded $1 million to the Woodruff Library of the AUC to help fund physical improvements to the Archives Research Center, such as enhancing the aesthetics of the reading room and staff areas and expanding and improving the climate control capabilities and size of the archival storage facilities. In addition, the contribution will fund the training of Research Center staff in current digitization processes and technology, further increasing public access to Library holdings.

Archives Research Center materials are available for research and study to faculties and students of academic institutions and to the general public. For research inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact the Archives Research Center at or 404-978-2052.

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