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Robert W. Woodruff Library, Martin Luther King Jr. Collection Morehouse King Collection  
Robert W. Woodruff Library, Martin Luther King Jr. Collection
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  The staff of the Archives & Special Collections Department of the Woodruff Library of the AUC has been supplemented with a team of two archivists, a cataloger, graduate assistant and project manager/chief archivist hired exclusively to process the Morehouse King Collection. At present, the team is re-housing items in appropriate and uniform alkaline boxes and folders, surveying the physical condition of collection materials that may need conservation treatment, sorting items into appropriate organizational structure (by subject and/or format) and preparing the finding aid and catalog records.

The collection is being processed and a digital finding aid produced that will allow researchers to electronically search for items in the collection. The “Archivists’ Toolkit” software, an open-source data management system that provides integrated support for arrangement, description and location of archival materials, is being employed to facilitate this process.

Staff salaries, supplies, conservation fees and training associated with the preliminary work for this project is funded by a grant to the Woodruff Library from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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